B2C Telemarketing Solutions

People still order Billions of dollars worth of goods and services thanks to B2C telemarketing. The DNC list has not slowed this process. It has only made companies more responsible. Because of this new focus, it is more important now than ever before to ensure the B2C telemarketing provider you choose offers not just a results driven call center campaign, but one that is federally compliant.

When people think of telemarketing the first thing they think of is B2C telemarketing or consumer telemarketing. Tele Resources, Inc., has built itself around its strong reputation in telemarketing and some of the B2C work Tele Resources, Inc., has excelled at helped to solidify Tele Resources, Inc.’s, name in telemarketing.

Create Continuity with B2C Telemarketing Solutions

One of the most popular forms of B2C telemarketing, Continuity programs are an ongoing specialty in the B2C telemarketing provided by Tele Resources, Inc. At Tele Resources, we work diligently to help represent a proper branding image because continuity typically means working with current customers. Call us now and we can help design a B2C telemarketing program that works for your company.

Reduce Costs by Cross-Selling and Upselling

B2C telemarketing campaigns that focus on current customers and offer incentive laden extended services and value often 1/10th the cost of acquiring new customers. This is why up-selling and cross-selling have become so popular in the telemarketing industry. Tele Resources, Inc. offers several great telemarketing solutions, each designed to extend value to our customers while simultaneously providing proven methodologies.

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